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Wellies and Wheelbarrows
Mike Bain

Mike Bain


The one thing that all of our volunteers share - is a desire to help. In fact the whole Estate itself is a community of guests and volunteers who for a moment are a part of our every day. When you stay with us you're no longer just a customer, you're a part of the family.

We’ve had a wonderful start to our volunteering year with visits from willing participants both old and new. The reality of volunteering is this – we need you! Already in 2020, we’ve had a climatologist, a chef, bankers, nurses and gardeners all come to pitch in. Some for a day, some for a week and some EVERY week! No matter the skillset or profession, the kettle is on!  

The work we do is usually a variety of outdoor activities, from conservation of our woodland to making pretty things for our site. As we’re charity owned, all these fabulous people and their efforts have a direct effect on the level of impact we have for our charity – YMCA North Tyneside.

In early February we had an Estate first… our first-ever log yurt! (no, that’s not something in a pot with fruit) It took a day to construct for Mike, Brian and Vera along with our very own Andrew. The need was for us to store firewood to serve our firepit, chimeneas and Lishman House stove. The wood will naturally season in situ and when the time comes we can begin to use it from the top down. Beyond this, it just looks great!
We’ve also been working up in our woodland project – “Peppercorn Plantation” which is a marvellous and muddy parcel of land with views of Striding Edge up the Grisedale Valley. Being a post-war Larch plantation it was well past its cropping date – with trees planted this way you tend to find they’re like dominos when they eventually lose their grip! Having had the plantation clear-felled (all trees removed) we then had the laborious task of clearing the woodland floor to be ready for planting.
We are going to be launching a Volunteer planting scheme where you will be able to help secure the future for this lovely corner of the Estate. The NEW “Peppercorn Plantation” will feature pathways and benches wound between a mixture of native trees. Creating a wonderful habitat for our Estate wildlife to thrive.
Join the cause! We’re always taking new volunteers whether it’s for a Volunteer holiday or you want to give a few hours a week. Simply get in touch and we’ll take it from there.
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